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Assess the 3D Component of your Development Performance

Do not compromise on product innovation

Can change in our innovation factory benefit our bottom line? Should we consider coexistence or migration when it comes to new technology implementations in the product development area? How can we reap the benefits of cloud transition without major disruption? Address those critical questions among others with seasoned subject matter experts from Dassault Systèmes network through a value-centric consultative process of discovery aiming to facilitate the transformation of product development organizations. Benchmark your tools, processes and people skills (ie the 3D of product development) to better understand key factors to look at when seeking to improve your engineering and business practices.

Key features

Assess "as-is" business processes & define requirements to provide a transition plan
Design a plan & build solutions to align with company goals and improvement KPI
Deploy solutions with data migration & support through user education and high-level monitoring of solution performance

Customer Benefits

  • Foster transformation of product development organizations
    • Seasoned subject matter expert network to benchmark your tools, processes and people skills
    • End-to-end engineering and business processes coverage; not just one single area.
  • Identify and analyze the critical impediments that must be overcome
    • Customer value centric approach beyond industry trends
    • Discovery of tangible problems to solve
  • Reveal opportunities that align to company business goals
    • Solution outline setup to address areas of improvements

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